8 Cookie Recipes Other Than Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Here are 8 cookie recipes other than chocolate chip cookies! Chocolate chip cookies are delicious, every bite makes you temporarily forget all your problems, but have you ever wanted to try something new, something exotic? Or maybe you just wanna have fun baking something you’ve never baked before, if that’s the case then keep reading because I have some great cookie recipes for you to try!

Even if of you’ve never had that thought, you still have to try at least of of these cookies, because once you do it will be quite difficult to pick a favorite!

8 cookie recipes other than chocolate chip cookies
8 cookie recipes other then chocolate chip cookies

Let’s start with the simplest ones and then move onto the more unique ones. By simplest I mean the ones that are closer to a regular chocolate chip cookie, when when it comes to ease, all of these recipes are pretty easy to make!

1. Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Brown butter elevates the flavors of a chocolate chip cookie. It gives a rich and nutty flavor to the cookies, which combined with the chocolate just tastes DIVINE! If you’ve never browned butter before you should know that it’s super easy and makes everything tastes soo much more delicious. All you have to do is cook the butter on medium flame until it turn brown and smells nutty.

These brown butter chocolate chip cookies are soft and chewy in the center, crispy on the edges and loaded with pools of melted bitter-sweet chocolate that compliments the sweetness of the cookies so well! Try it, and you’ll surely be coming back for more!

2.Brown Butter Oatmeal Cookies

These cookies have that delicious flavor of brown butter along with a beautiful texture because of the oatmeal. Plus you can add in chocolate chips, raisins, chopped nuts, anything that you love, because everything just pairs so well with these cookies.

The perfect brown butter oatmeal cookie is a delightful combination of nutty caramel flavors and soft, chewy texture that is sure to satisfy any cookie lover’s cravings. The nutty flavor comes from the brown butter, the oatmeal adds a wonderful chewy texture and a subtle nutty flavor that complements the brown butter perfectly! P.s. I know these aren’t the prettiest cookies, but they’re taste is beyond amazing!

3. Chewy Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Fudgy, decadent and filled with melted dark chocolate, these chewy double chocolate chip cookies are a chocolate lovers dream come true! This recipe is quick, easy and requires no electric mixer. I actually used a combination of chocolate chips and chunks rather than using only chocolate chips, this makes the cookies so much more chocolatey.

This is a recipe for thin and chewy double chocolate chip cookies, so if you’re looking for a thick double chocolate chip cookie recipe, here’s one I found (not mine!)

4. Chewy Date & Dark Chocolate Cookies

A chewy cookie with crispy edges that’s loaded with little bits of dates and chunks of dark chocolate create this masterpiece, chewy date and dark chocolate cookies. If you haven’t tried the combination of dates and dark chocolate, then you are totally missing out, because boy does it taste good! And dates are also very good for you, packed with fiber and nutrients. Although cookies in general are that healthy, it’s fine to have them once in a while!

If you’ve ever tried that viral chocolate date bark, then this is the exact thing but in cookie form!

5. Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies

These cranberry white chocolate cookies are an absolute delight! A soft cookie, with chewy edges combined with sweet white chocolate chunks and tart dried cranberries, a classic yet flavorful pairing.

These cranberry white chocolate cookie are very simple to make and are made with ingredients that are probably in your pantry right now. They also store well, so you can always have them on hand. Although these cookies are mostly made during the holidays, they can be enjoyed all year round! They’re soft, chewy, crispy, sweet and tart, all at the same time!

6. Chewy Ginger Molasses Cookies

Soft, chewy and irresistible, these ginger molasses cookies with crinkly tops are the perfect holiday treat! It requires no equipment to make and the dough comes together in minutes! By the way you can make these cookies all year round, they just do not disappoint! This one has to be my personal favorite. 🙂

Crispy on the edges, soft and chewy in the center, has the perfect amount of ginger without being to overpowering, the molasses gives these cookies a deep, rich flavor and the hint of clove and cinnamon just ties all the flavors together! Their taste is truly indescribable, you have to try them for yourself.

7. Chocolate Orange Cookies

These chocolate orange cookies are decadent, delicious and mouthwatering! A soft and chewy cookie that’s flavored with orange zest and juice, and filled with chunks of orange chocolate(orange flavored chocolate), topped with a drizzle of melted dark chocolate! That’s right these cookies are loaded with chocolate and orange flavor!

These chocolate orange cookies are made with a classic chocolate chip cookie dough that’s flavored with orange zest and orange juice, no artificial flavoring. The chocolate chips are replaced with chunks of an orange chocolate bar and once baked, they’re drizzled with melted dark chocolate for an extra fancy look.

8. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cookies

Chocolate covered strawberry cookies are a combination of two undoubtably delicious desserts, chocolate covered strawberries and cookies. These cookies are soft, chewy, slightly crispy, fruity, chocolatey and just delectable! As you can see, I am running out of words to describe how good these cookies taste!

Also these cookies are so cute that they make for the perfect gift for your foodie friends and family! (or make them for yourself, that’s what I do, because I am the biggest foodie I know!)

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